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Anchors With a team of seasoned professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, Forage CBF is able to install anchors of various kinds aimed at strengthening the stability of buildings against external forces (wind , earthquakes, etc.


Docks Major constructions such as bridges often require the construction of docks on bored piles to accommodate machinery and labor. With the professionalisme that has led it to build a jetty on bored piles essential for the work of the new Champlain Bridge, Forage CBF stands out in this field, as much by its speed of execution as by its efficiency and the use of innovative and original techniques.

Docks Major construction projects, such as bridges, often require the construction of docks on drilled piles to accommodate machinery and laborers. Thanks to its strong professionalisme in this field, Forage CBF contributed to work on the new Champlain Bridge by building a dock on drilled piles, which was an essential part of the project.


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