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Our innovative drilling techniques have made us a leader in the industry.

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Walls and supports Used to working efficiently and dealing with many constraints, Forage CBF has developed its expertise in the installation of large-scale retaining walls. Its use of innovative technologies allows it to live up to its reputation in the field of Berlin walls and complex drilling works on a daily basis.

A proud industry leader Forage CBF is a family business employing more than 80 professionals and support staff. As a leader in drilling technologies in Eastern Canada, we specialize in pile-driving and sheet pile projects, retaining wall construction and much more! We are driven by our core values: respect, productivity, creativity and occupational health and safety.

Forage CBF is regularly called upon to take part in major projects that are changing the face of Quebec.

Complex foundation operations Among the things that cannot be bought is the knowledge gained through experience and hard work. Forage CBF cumulates an experience of nearly 70 years, much to the benefit of our clients, who choose our company to support them in their deep foundation projects and most complex drilling operations.


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Specialized in pile and sheet pile driving projects, Berlin wall construction and more!

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